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About us

HISTORY 1989-2010 (over 20 years of successful business)

PIMI Ltd. - Belgrade, company for design, engineering, manufacturing founded in 1989. The main activity is production and sales of high quality industrial plastic profiles, commercially called “EKSAMID” produced by using extrusion overpressure process.

The initial product portfolio had been based on the production of polyethylene rods, and other semi-products. From the very beginning our main concern ware quality products and good relations with business partners, which contributed to our successful growth over the years in spite of strong competition. PIMI has maintained a leading position on the market, both in Serbia and in the region.

PIMI has primarily developed new products that could successfully, both commercially and technically, find their place on the domestic market in spite of competition from foreign and domestic manufacturers of industrial plastics. The focus has been the development of products needed in Serbian industry, but which had not been produced domestically, such as: HDPE plates for covering transportation systems, insulation pipes, drainage pipes, pipes for the transport of abrasive materials, industrial roofing material (ELKP) and many other specific profiles for different industries such as rail ties and pads, special valves, Ø profiles, OK profiles for bolts and nuts, U, L, T and many other profiles.

Products development time scale:

-1991 – High density Polyethylene (HDPE), polyamide (PA) and polypropylene (PP) rods

- 1993 – Plates of variable thickness for industrial use

- 1994 – Pipes in various diameters, up to Ø 750 mm

- 1994 – Various products for meat industry (plates, hammers, etc.).

- 1995 – Special drainage tubes in four diameters Ø 315, Ø250, Ø200, Ø160

- 1998 – Light industrial roof cover (extra light roof cover - ELKP)

- 2005 – Boat, pontoons, pears, berths, swimming pools of various sizes and purposes

- 2006 – Ventilation channels, grid flooring for use on farms and agricultural industry

- 2009 – Water stations for water treatment


Since 2001, PIMI has been located at Patrijarha Dimitrija street, number 24, Belgrade, Serbia. Entire production lines, storage and commercial sector are located at the same place. Development of new products is a permanent process. PIMI is always ready to respond to the specific demands of its customers, and to adapt its product technology for specific requirements. Being a socially responsible company, PIMI pays great attention to the environmental issues. Good organization of existing resources and permanent investments in them, PIMI successfully responds to all challenges of modern business.

Raw materials used in production process are high density polyethylene, polyamide, polypropylene, with possibility of adding various fillers and additives, that are adjusted depending on the material properties and the specific technical requirements of the final product.

Particular attention is paid to product quality control by various professional institutions and institutes, as well as suggestions from the users. Every product that goes out to the market has a validity certificate and appropriate documentation.

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